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A Dual-Niche Blog
Forbidden Archeology
& Science

Sci-Fi Facts? That's an oxymoron, right? Yes, but hear me out. There are facts about this world that seem so far-fetched that many consider the facts to be fictitious, and many of those facts are based in science and in archeology.
So I decided to write an 8-book series in Science Fiction which will contain the many facts that you will see in this blog. 

Prepare to be amazed as many of these topics may arouse suspicion, thrill, conspiracy theories, curiosity, or new opinions and understanding.

Entrepreneurial Motivation
& Authorpreneurs Corner

Sometimes you need a push in the right direction with a quote, words of wisdom, book recommendations, ideas, writers' and authors' inspiration and aspirations, a story of triumph, or an example of failure leading to success.
Step right up! This blog will feature all of the above mentioned topics and more! 


As a budding author I know how difficult it may be for other writers. In 2021, you must become an entrepreneur to be a successful writer. Join me on this journey and we'll flourish together!

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