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PERSONAL REQUEST: Hello all. My friend needs your help. He needs our PRAYERS, hope, and light. He and his daughter are in a dire situation. Please read his letter (pasted below) to understand his story. He is asking for 30 seconds of your time tomorrow which is his birthday for your deeply needed prayers. I thank you in advance.

June 9, 2021

I am asking anyone who knows me or my daughter Kelli to please read this letter.

My birthday is this Friday the 11th and the greatest b-day gift I could receive is some help from you, and I’m only asking for 30 seconds of positive and/or loving energy sent to myself and my daughter. Here is why--we really need some help.

Three years ago Kelli (36) was walking across a highway and was hit by a car going 50 miles per hour. Let that soak in. The picture I have of the car as I have shown it to people in the past that say, “there is no way she could have survived.” (Note: She was already having a torturous life back then, as she was homeless).

I posted the extensive and crushing injuries she sustained on my Facebook page at that time.

Briefly: shattered both shins, 3 broken ribs and collapsed lung, collapsed esophagus, broken shoulder, broken wrist, fractured skull, and much more; 32 fractures. The impact to her entire body was unimaginable. Oh and quadruple vision in her right eye (not double or triple), and Traumatic Brain Injury that to this day can make life feel insurmountable. Intermittently, everyday tasks, thinking, walking and face recognition is not only difficult but sometimes nightmarish. Many of the tasks that we all can do with no effort and in no time at all, Kelli may struggle with for hours (mentally and emotionally struggle).

When the accident happened in April three years ago, she spent a month in the hospital with a dozen surgeries. And then it was time to be discharged.

The fact Kelli was still alive, that the surgeons did an amazing job of reconstructing her shins together (x-ray looked like shattered dry tree branches) and a great deal more care, including Kelli’s voice and some of her cognitive abilities slowly showed up, even with all those miracles and blessings I did not know at the time that another tremendous blessing was coming Kelli’s way.

Things looked bleak as our family did not have the financial wealth to insure the best care and housing for her and I knew her state benefits would run out in months.

I have been Kelli’s advocate and tried to do as much as I could to help her through the stages she’s gone through in the last 3 years, the least of it being her transportation, her disability administrator (money: she did start receiving 5 months later), many Dr appointments to “PROVE” she is disabled... Most of the weight fell on my shoulders because of family issues—and please do not judge our family; it’s a long and complex history.

I view the experiences I have and continue to have with my daughter are simply our Divine Plan unfolding. I could say a lot about this, but that is for another day.

The hardest thing for me in this ordeal is to see Kelli’s often tremendous suffering and struggles and how it all is draining her of her spirit and goodness. Not all days are terrible, but some weeks there is not much peace or joy.

Returning back for a minute to three years ago…

As Kelli was being processed to be discharged from the hospital, I was talking to a friend (client as well) and telling her how I was worried that Kelli would not receive the physical and other therapies she so desperately needed to “get a life back.”

My friend was a case worker for the largest rehabilitation hospital in Utah, HealthSouth. With her inspired efforts and committed help Kelli was admitted to HealthSouth at the end of May. My friend and her supervisor were able to extend Kelli’s stay past the standard 2 week’s admission, even unto Kelli being in this state of the art rehab environment for 6 weeks. That was RARE.

When Kelli was admitted she was wheeled in on a wheelchair, literally looking crippled, and because of the wonderful and extensive therapies she receive at HealthSouth, when she left, with the help of walking sticks SHE WALKED OUT ON HER OWN POWER.

It’s only been two years since she walked out of there, but it feels like 5 to me. And even more for Kelli.

We’ve seen some good things happen in Kelli’s three-year ongoing ordeal and life, not just pain, drudgery and suffering.

It’s time for me, her “advocate” and HER DAD, to help Kelli in a very important, not quite yet desperate situation, and GET SOME HELP.

She’s been living in a lower level apartment for two years. The first year things went well, actually. But the second year turned really bad.

I will attempt to describe this as best and simple as I can. Her apartment and environment has become affected by negative energy and it is really making Kelli suffer. I cannot go into details here but every day is like being in a combat zone. Her life is very difficult and getting worse. It’s heartbreaking.

Her lease is up on July 30. We need to be out and most importantly, we need to find her a place where the energy is more positive, safer, and more protective.

We do not have “a lot of money” to get this goal accomplished. But I believe we can accomplish the goal. And notice I am not asking for money.

If you received this letter it means God and the Universe wanted me to just share with you, that Kelli and her dad are asking you, to please pray or send positive energy, love and light, or anything you choose, to help us obtain an apartment, and I’m only asking for 30 seconds – or more of your loving spirit to send us a blessing, a great blessing for Kelli and a marvelous birthday gift for Randy.

PS: If you know of or would be able to help us move, when we do, and/or help us repair some problems in the apartment as we leave, please let me know. Thank you!



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