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Rama Setu: A Manmade Land Bridge Created Thousands of Years Ago is Still up for Debate.

When we look at the history of the United States, quite frankly it is limited. Mostly buildings here have been erected in the past century and there are some that are older with historical meaning. Generally speaking, though, the North American continent has very little to share in world history as it pertains to ancient buildings and structures that date back millennia. Other countries though, have a much more robust history to share with the world.

One such place is an 18 miles land mass that connects India and Sri Lanka… a sort of land bridge if you will. In ancient Hindu texts, there is a story about a god named Rama whose wife Sita was captivated and held hostage on the Island of Sri Lanka by the 10-headed Brahmin emperor Ravana. He did this as an act of revenge for the cutting off of his sister’s nose. Rama asked Lord Hanuman, a monkey-like god, to help him create a bridge so that his army may retrieve and save Sita.

Hanuman used his army of monkeys for 5 days to accomplish this task. Once they infiltrated the island, they killed the emperor and saved Sita.

Now, although that is a great story that indigenous people of the area may have told each other to explain the land mass, it is worth noting that the land mass has been under scientific scrutiny for years.

Scientific expeditions to this land bridge have revealed some interesting finds about the materials found here. For example, the rocks found on top of the sand have been dated to be at least 7000 years old, yet the sands that make up a percentage of the land mass (right under those rocks) has been dated to around 4000 years old. This suggests that the land bridge is not naturally occurring but in fact it is hand made.

In 2007, Dr. S Badrinarayanan took core samples of the land mass and concluded without a doubt that it was truly handmade, not a natural formation. It was also found that there was definitely quarrying in that area which provided for the materials that make up that land mass.

It’s easy to wave off a person’s beliefs in a written story that explains how this land mass was made… I mean, really? A Monkey-like god ordered his army of monkeys to build a land bridge in 5 days? That’s a marvel that even today would be difficult to accomplish. And yet, the proof is set in stone, literally. It has been proven beyond a doubt that the bridge is handmade.

As for it’s current state, another thing has been proven about the land bridge; it was fully functional – able to be walked on as a dry bridge – until around the 15th century when a violent storm decimated the bridge, resulting in a less usable version of it where water now passes back and forth over it. In some areas the depth can range from as shallow as to break the water’s surface, and in some areas deep enough to not be able to see the bridge without diving deep.

So why is it not common knowledge around the world that this land mass is manmade/handmade?

We know the science community expects the scientific method to be as skeptical as possible but when in light of proof, the consensus normally gets updated. So, if there is substantial proof on this land bridge that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it is not a natural formation, then why does the world still think it to be a myth or a debatable subject?

Weird, right? Well, the story on how it was made may be the reason. The story is hard to swallow regardless of the proven facts.

I am writing an 8-book series in science fiction about such finds in the world that are debatable, or otherwise somehow suppressed from the general public. This archeological find is just one of the many that will come up in the books. Stay vigilant my friends.

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