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The First 5 Days After the Weekend Are the Hardest.

... unless if you are in retail and your weekends are spread out all over the calendar. Yeah, that might be worse.

That is what they say, don’t they? I mean, do you agree with that statement? Most people do. Actually… it’s to my understanding that approximately 90% of people agree with that title, whole heartedly! And, why not? Living day in and day out in a daily rat race that has you going through hoops on a daily basis is quite exhausting. And if you realize where you are and have been told how to get out or have thought of becoming an entrepreneur but have not taken the initiative to get the hell out of the rat race, then truly, the first 5 days after the weekend will always be the hardest, and there will never be anything you can do about it.

Hi. My name is Bhai Garcia. I run this little part of the internet and you have just stumbled upon my blog that is made for entrepreneurs, writers, and bloggers alike. People should have a chance to gain some threads of knowledge, some wisps of smoky wisdom, and to hear the experiences of others. Whether you are an entrepreneur in the making, a writer in need of some inspiration, or if you are simply tired of the rat race, then you’ve come to the right place.

In my first book, I talk about how my life literally got flipped upside down and how my experiences brought me from manhood due to age, to adulthood due to life. It’s a crazy life experience that will surely keep you turning the pages. You wouldn’t imagine that a person can go through so much in a short time frame, but humanity has endured worse. Ultimately, as much as that story is about mistakes, failed career steps, love, and lives torn apart by many factors, it is also a success story.

See, this book may be interpreted in several ways, but… ahem. Look at me, so excited to give out spoilers. I could have given you a detailed synopsis or a full-fledged walkthrough and not batted an eyelash. But I won’t do that. I’ll let you read the book and interpret it yourself. Oh, was that a shameless method of advertising my first book? Yes, it was.

Nonetheless, it may seem that I digressed a bit from the topic, but my first book, Bye-Bye, by: Bhai, resonates with the title of this blog. A success story is not actually set in stone – it’s never finished. A success story is only backed by momentum. You can only become better than you were yesterday, but to attain your better self, tomorrow you’ll have to be better than who you are today.

Will Smith once said, “Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can”.

Damn, that quote makes me shiver inside.

If you have ever read Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, or seen videos of Tony Robbins on stage, or heard an audio book by Zig Ziglar, or enjoyed some quotes by Will Smith; then you may have realized that there is something inside of you that is striving to get out of the rat race where 90% of the world’s population live.

If after what you just read above and felt nothing, then it’s fine… go about your day and continue your routines. The world needs those types of people. But if you found yourself yearning for a chance to get out of the 9-5 (or graveyard shift), and you’re “Hoongry”, like Steve Harvey says, then you have arrived at the right place.

I would like to take a vow and ensure that those of you that are willing to listen to some meaningful insight on entrepreneurialism and ensuring that your name has meaning long after you are gone, will get exactly that and more.

Mel Robbins explained that procrastination is not a sign of laziness, but in fact, it is the subconscious mind trying to deter you from things that may hurt you.

Well, waking up at 5am won’t hurt you if work starts at 9am and your commute is 20 minutes, and you can get ready for work in 15. That means that you can – at a minimum – commit to 3 hours and 25 minutes to do something with your life, rather than play video games, surf Facebook endlessly, watch TV for 4-5 hours a night, or anything else that may needlessly grasp your attention. All you must do is prioritize and live on a little less sleep than you usually do. There are too many shiny objects that are put in front of us daily which does not allow us to give our undivided attention to the things that truly matter. These shiny objects prevent us from taking the small steps that can eventually lead to great outcomes. In other words, like Elizabeth Casino famously stated, “Shiny equals tasty.”

If you are a white-collar professional (I am as well) that has studied for half a decade or more, then good for you! I truly am happy for you and look forward to great things from you. However, there are so many people in the world that may have the same degree and/or training, that you might end up a face in the crowd and I may lose track of you – no offense. But if you have read this far and are curious about entrepreneurship, what the above names have in common, and what this blog will be able to do for you going forward, then please… subscribe right now and get ready for a wild ride. There’s lots to tell, and little time to tell it. Moreover, the mind can only absorb so much. And my fingers can only type to a certain extent.

I promise, going forward, the topics will stay on topic… often.

Until the next blog, I would like to leave you with a quote by a great man whose wisdom will go down in history as someone who gave the best bits of knowledge and wisdom one can grasp. His name was Zig Ziglar and he said, “You are the only person on Earth with your ability, it is an awesome responsibility”. RIP, Zig.

I hope you found this post meaningful and that over time you enjoy more of what I have to say. I am here for you and will provide tips, tricks, quotes, and whatever else that will help you along this journey as we take steps forward together. Please share with others that you love and admire. May you be blessed in any way you see fit. Take care, be safe, and stay away from Covid-19. And hyenas… they’re dangerous too.

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