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Your Balls Are Showing! Costa Rica’s Giant Stone Spheres = Enigma.

Sooooo… yeah. This is a thing. In the 1930’s, a fruit company searched for place to build a banana plantation on the western coast of Costa Rica, in Diquís. Instead, they found more than 300 stone spheres spread out randomly over the land without rhyme or reason. And they’re damn heavy, too. Some of them fit in the palm of your hand while others weigh over 15 tons (over 30,000 pounds)!

For the most part, they are made of limestone, basalt, and sandstone and were mined from coastal mountains; experts concluded. But by the sheer size (up to 6 feet in diameter) and heaviness, it would seem that these rocks couldn’t possibly have been taken from mountains miles away and strewn about randomly throughout Costa Rica by mere humans so long ago… I mean, what’s the point? Were they really that bored in the pre-Columbian era? In case if you don’t know what that means, it’s before Christopher Columbus, before 1942 when he discovered the Americas.

Ooops, did I say 1942? I bet you almost Googled it. No, no, 1942 was Hitler. Columbus was 1492. But who killed more people? Columbus did. European colonizers killed an estimated 55 million indigenous American Indians via disease and violence. Experts concluded that the planet cooled down due to that annihilation. On the other hand, Hitler cleansed Europe of 6 million Jews – approximately 21 million human beings in total or more. Global cooling after that does not seem to have been studied, or at least the results not freely shared with the world. Kinda makes you wonder what this pandemic is really all about, eh? Dah… I’ve gone off on a tangent, haven’t I? It seems like the multipotentialite in me is showing. Ok, ok… I digress. Back to the main topic… ah, the theories!

There are several theories behind these stones. Some people say that because they are shaped as spheres, they represent the moon and/or sun as something to be worshipped. This seems like an ongoing theory that has become the default for many ancient civilizations. Feels like an excuse to me.

However, I was dumbfounded when I found out that it was believed by some, that these spheres represented some sort of organization in a village where they represented wealth and power when compared to neighboring villages. Where the leader of one village held influence with giant spheres as a status symbol – proof that his people were artistically competent and other… uhhhh, seemingly BS reasons. Just, wow! I can’t tell if some of these theory generators are imaginative or really lacking imagination.

For the sake of practicality, it would seem easier to push a giant sphere from the mountain than to push a boulder with unequal sides and chisel it AFTER arriving to its destination. So, it does not seem likely that a bunch of “artisans” worked on the task within the village, but from the mountain itself… but there is no proof of physical labor, living quarters, tools, or any general signs of a people having lived there at all. There’s just proof that mining took place.

How about aliens? Now there’s a more common subject for debate.

Right now, in 2021, the amount of proof that has been coming up in the news (aerial military vehicles encountering UFOs in the sky) and especially with declassified articles from government and military entities, it seems that the government is trying to drop that info on us little by little. Eventually they’ll tell us the truth, right? In the meantime, archeologists will continue to spew ridiculous explanations for inexplicable things.

My opinion on the spheres and their purpose? Honestly, I think it was originally a display. I think that some extraterrestrials got rocks from the mountains, molded them into spheres with really cool technology, and had them circle over different parts of Costa Rica, especially in the Diquís Valley. They must have used some sort of levitation-energy devices or technology to do it.

Maybe it was a display in the sky like a galactic representation of solar systems. We wouldn’t be able to make heads or tails of that now because most of them have been moved from their original locations. But did any of the “experts” run data or 3-D models of the surfaces of these stones? Maybe the surfaces represent the surface of the planets right here in our galaxy, maybe even our own solar system! We know that not all planets are exactly spherical, and these spheres are not perfect spheres or perfectly smooth either.

Was it simply a bunch of floating rocks to stop bad guys from arriving in a no-fly zone? I don’t know. What I do know is that this will be another one of those awesome subjects that I’ll have in my future Sci-Fi series, expected to be 8 books long.

Now… after all the magical details I just spoke about, would it surprise if I were to say that the spheres can be found in other parts of the world? Well, if pyramids can be found in various parts of the world, why not a different shape, like spheres?

Costa Rica is not the only location to have these giant balls. Close by in western Mexico (about 35 miles west of Guadalajara), there are over 70 of these giant spherical stones as well! However, these have been aged by “experts” to anywhere from 10-40 million years old. All the theories behind their creation rely on volcanic eruptions due to their volcanic composition and proximity to Tequila Volcano.

Another interesting place for the big ball aficionados is New Zealand, where you can find the Moeraki Boulders which more “experts” have concluded are about 60 million years old. How about the Valley of Balls in Shetpe, Kazakhstan? There's giant ball under ground in Bosnia. Or how about the pumpkin patch boulders of Anza-Borrego? Ha! Don’t get me started on the living stones of Romania!

Interested? Stick around for more crazy ideas and hidden truths in science and archaeology around the world. Stay curious and stay safe my friends.

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