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For those of you that know me... yes, it's been a long time coming. If you are new here, then WELCOME! Below are the stories that you have been waiting for. My first book Bye-Bye, By: Bhai is now live and available for your entertainment. Click below to find out where to get your copy today!

You may be wondering, "Wait, I thought he was writing Sci-Fi!" Yeah, yeah, I get it. Well, I thought it would be totally worth imparting little bits of knowledge, entertainment, experience, and wisdom before I got down to business with my 8-book series. By the looks of it, those won't be ready until next year. In the meantime, I expect to have 2 books out this year!

Please, by all means... when you read my first two books; enjoy, absorb, cry, and laugh. Then let me know how it was!

Mario Garcia_ebook.jpg
Bye-Bye, By: Bhai

(A Memoir for the Broken Hearted)

Ana Picture.jpg
Anna Maria Angel

(A Memoir in Tribute to)​

Purple Rain Picture.jpg
Galactic Chronicles:
Purple Rain

Book 1

Galactic Chronicles: Power Plant

Book 2

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